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Canopy Center has a strong history of volunteer support. Because we provide services every single day of the year, we rely heavily on the volunteer efforts provided by people in our community—on average, over 80% of our team is volunteering their time. Our volunteers: provide child care; assist in the office; supervise family interactions; mentor and advocate for children in the court system; co-facilitate parent, child, adolescent or teen support groups; serve on the Board of Directors; participate in special events and more. We are so grateful for the efforts of our volunteers!

Website Under Construction

We are working on updating our website. Please email or call our Volunteer Coordinator, Regan Kregness, to apply for a volunteering position at Canopy Center. Phone:608-729-1134  Email:

Volunteer Positions

Click on the name of the volunteer role to download a full position description. Each position description lists tasks, shift times and requirements.

Current students, please see below if you are interested in learning more about receiving internship or practicum credit.

Note that some positions may be full depending on programming needs and time of year—please contact us if you have questions about available positions.

  • Program: Parent-to-Child
    In partnership with the Dane County Department of Human Services, provide parents with supervised visitation opportunities during evenings and weekends. Volunteers supervise visits as ordered by the court and give objective reports based on those interactions, while also serving as a mentor and advocate for those parents and families.

  • Program: Dane County CASA
    CASAs are assigned by a Dane County juvenile court judge to meet weekly with a child going through the child welfare system. Build up a caring, mentoring relationship with the child, while also exploring the circumstances for the case, communicating your findings, and making recommendations to the judge and other legal parties via written reports.

  • Program: Oasis
    Requires at least a master’s degree in counseling and experience in facilitating group therapy sessions. Oasis provides group therapy for sexually abused children, adolescents, adult survivors, and non-offending caregivers of abused children. Assist staff therapist by helping prepare group activities; engaging in art, play, and discussion; participating in post-group processing and write-ups; and cleaning up following group.

Board Positions and Group Volunteering

If you are interested in applying for a board position, or if you are a large group interested in doing a volunteer project with us, please contact: volunteercoordinator at canopycenter dot org

Internships and Practicum Students

We are able to provide internship or practicum credit for volunteer work done in many of our programs. If you are a current student enrolled in an internship/practicum course and are interested in earning credit through Canopy Center, please contact us and we will try to match you to a program that will meet your needs, as well as the needs of the agency. 

Thank you for your interest in Canopy Center. If you have any questions about the opportunities listed above, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at:

volunteercoordinator at canopycenter dot org or 608-729-1134

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