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Client Stories

Christmas Reunification

A mother of a newborn boy began her journey to reunification within the Parent to Child (P2C) program of Canopy Center. In the beginning, she was struggling with financial issues, finding consistent housing, and in an abusive relationship.

Our program provided visits for her and her baby boy multiple times a week, allowing them to develop the integral connection between mother and child. With parenting education, individual therapy, substance abuse counseling, and the addition of our center's supervised visits, Mom made her way out of the abusive relationship, found a steady job in a managerial position, and eventually moved into her own apartment.

Each individual success allowed her to get even closer and gain more time with her baby boy. We were able to provide in-home visits with her child within five months. 

Within the next two months, the in-home visits quickly moved to partially supervised visits, and then unsupervised visits. We are so happy to share the seemingly surreal ending that our program strives for within every family - Mom and her precious baby boy were reunified, allowing the Mom custody and full placement of her baby in their new home the week of Christmas. The best Christmas present she said she could ever wish for.

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