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"Now my life is full. Back then, when I started your program, I never thought my life could be like this. I had hoped and I had dreamt, but I never believed it could be like this. Because of you, I value myself as a person..." - Teen participant, Oasis program

"El programa es muy bueno para comprender lo que es el abuso sexual y lidiar como entender a nuestros hijos."

"It is truly an amazing program with wonderful staff and volunteers. We always feel welcome, safe and comfortable."

"It has helped me so much in terms of feeling like I'm not alone and learning strategies for myself and others - my daughter and husband. I am very thankful for the program."

What We Do

The Oasis Program supports the healthy functioning of families who have been affected by incest and child sexual abuse. We offer group, individual, and family therapy. Oasis therapists help children and non-offending parents and caregivers reduce the short and long-term effects of sexual abuse, using evidence-based, trauma-informed practices that help clients integrate traumatic experience into everyday life, one that feels manageable and safe.

Group Services

No groups will be held during May-August 2021

Groups will resume in September 2021

Kids, Teen, and Caregiver Groups

Oasis typically offers groups to young people aged 5-18 who have been sexually abused. Alongside structured learning opportunities, participants experience the benefit of sharing personal experiences of coping with trauma with peers of a similar age. Play therapy is also offered when appropriate, tapping into the innate potential of play to assist younger clients in working through difficult feelings. Oasis also offers group services to non-offending parents and caregivers, helping adults to learn effective and protective strategies to parent their child in the aftermath of abuse. Groups are provided free of charge due to a grant from the Department of Justice for Victims of Crime.

For more information on kids, teens, or caregiver groups, please contact Nicole Wells at (608) 729-1130 or nicolew at canopycenter dot org.

Adult Survivor Groups

Adult survivor group is closed therapy groups (separate adult male and female groups) that provide a confidential and safe environment to promote healing of the trauma of childhood sexual abuse. Groups are goal-oriented and skill-based with an additional support component to help understand and process the effects of this childhood trauma. Topics addressed include psychoeducation, coping skills, emotional regulation, relationship between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, healthy relationships, communication and boundaries, intimacy and trust, self-esteem, and empowerment. Members are required to have their own individual therapist. Groups are provided free of charge due to a grant from the Department of Justice for Victims of Crime.

For more information on Adult Survivor Groups, please contact Amy O'Brien at (608) 729-1138 or amyo at canopycenter dot org.



Individual and Collateral services

Oasis therapists also provide individual therapy to children who have experienced incest and sexual abuse as well as to affected family members. Therapists work closely with legal teams to provide support, strategize and advocate for clients facing trial, and accompany families to hearings when requested. Staff therapists use team treatment coordination and are active in the development and maintenance of services in Dane County's child sexual abuse prevention and treatment network.

All services are available in English and Spanish.

Oasis services are provided to clients at no cost.

For more information about the Oasis Program, please contact:

Nicole Wells at (608) 729-1130 or nicolew at canopycenter dot org for English-speaking families or Ella Kowski at (608) 729-1120 or ellak at canopycenter dot org Spanish-speaking families.

Staff Directory

Looking for contact information for another Oasis staff member? Please visit the Staff Directory.

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