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COVID-19 Program Updates

Parent to Child

Updated 12/1/2020 P2C is not able to offer face-to-face visits at this time to make sure our families and staff stay safe and healthy.  We are offering virtual visits for families until our for face to face visits return. Families can refer themselves or be referred by a professional. 

Dane County CASA

Dane County Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) staff are working remotely until further notice in order to take proper precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. CASA volunteers are primarily conducting all of their family visits virtually (phone, text, video calls). Exceptions may be granted for in-person contact between the CASA and youth/family if determined to be valuable. In the event an in-person visit occurs, all involved must complete a self-assessment of their health and any possible exposure. Advocates continue to submit regular court reports. Court hearings continue to be held virtually and are attended by CASA. 


Oasis is offering all crisis counseling and therapy services online on Zoom video platform or over the phone. For Referrals and More Information: If you are a social worker, teacher, therapist, or family member who would like more information and/or to refer someone to the Oasis Program please contact: the Oasis Clinical Director Michelle Ayers at (608) 729-1118 or michellea at canopycenter dot org. for English-speaking or Cecilia Goldschmidt at (608) 729-1123 or ceciliag at canopycenter dot org for Spanish-speaking families.

Para referentes y más información: Si usted es un trabajador social, maestro de escuela, terapeuta o miembro de la familia que desea obtener más información o derivar a alguien al Programa Oasis, comuníquese con: Cecilia Goldschmidt at (608) 729-1123 or ceciliag at canopycenter dot org   para familias que hablan inglés o familias que hablan español.

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