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Canopy Center recently learned that a substantial source of our funding is not being renewed. This grant funding has supported our programming since 2006 and in recent years has accounted for nearly half of the agency’s operating budget. This news comes at a time when the agency was poised for growth – less than a year after relocating to a new and larger space built out to allow us to expand our services and to do so in a trauma-informed environment. Without replacement for this funding, 2/3 of our clients will go unserved and won’t receive the critical services they need.

As we work to replace this funding, we need the support of our community. Every donation helps further our mission, right down to the donation that allows us to provide a peanut butter & jelly sandwich to a seven year old whose basic needs need to be met before they can go into a therapy session and focus on the really important and hard work of processing their trauma.

Please help by donating directly or by contributing to our goal on our GoFundMe page and by spreading the word.

Learn More About Your Donation

Are you interested in learning more about how your financial support makes a positive impact on the Dane County community?

Please feel free to contact Canopy Center for the many ways you can help Canopy Center support children impacted by trauma. Thank you for your consideration!

  • Phone: (608) 241-4888
  • Email: info at canopycenter dot org
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