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Staff Directory

Staff Directory

Staff Title Direct Line Email
Amy O’Brien, MSW Oasis Therapist 729-1138
Bryan Davis Development Director 920-883-5510
Cathy Cornell, MSW, LCSW Oasis Senior Therapist 729-1114
Cecilia Goldschmidt, MSW, CAPSW Oasis Latino-Families Therapist 729-1123
Ciara Krueger Oasis Therapist Intern 729-1121
Courtney McCaw Receptionist/ Childcare Assistant 729-1119
Donna Fox, MSSW, CAPSW Executive Director 729-1120
Emmy Lita Parent to Child Program Director 729-1125
Holly Godar, MS, MFT Oasis Therapist 729-1115
Jennifer B., MS, ATR Parent Stressline Program Director, P2C Case Manager and Volunteer & Intern Liaison 729-1124
Jenny Hillard, MSW, CAPSW CASA Case Coordinator 729-1112
Jenny Wagner CASA Case Coordinator 729-1133
Kate Essenburg, MSW Oasis Therapist 729-1117
Maria Khokhar Volunteer Coordinator 729-1134

CASA Administrative Assistant
Lizzie Kunze P2C Intake Coordinator 608-571-6889
Lizzy Schatz CASA Case Coordinator 729-1135
Makenzi Rasmussen Oasis Administrative Assistant 729-1130
Marti Ager HR and Finance Manager 729-1113
Meaghan Henry CASA Program Director 729-1136
Michelle Ayres, MS, LMFT Oasis Clinical Director, Clinical Intern Coordinator 729-1118
Nicole Wells Office Manager and Childcare Specialist 729-1119
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