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Parent to Child

The Parent to Child (P2C) Program was created as an extension of services of the Family Interaction Program of DCDHS that continued the support and mission, providing supervised visits to families. The P2C Program focuses on providing family visits to parents and children. Our staff and volunteers offer supervised visits, as well as act as mentors and resources as needed to parents and children during the meetings each week. We believe that through rapport and on-going and consistent support, our Family Interaction Specialist will be able to help families develop skills, foster bonds, and have invaluable time with their children.

Visit Possibilities

Community Visit - where the volunteer (the Family Interaction Specialist) meets with the family in a community setting, this might be  a library, restaurant, the zoo, a park, etc.

Home Visit- Meeting with the parent and child in the parent's home. We try to match more seasoned, confident FIS's with families where home visits take place.

Site Visit - We offer supervised visits for multiple families within the time frames of 4:30pm - 8:00pm. From 5:00PM to 7:00PM we offer an art therapy experience, led by an art therapy student intern, for families wanting to participate. Each family may choose their own comfortable room, use the common spaces such as an area that can function as a small gymnasium, use the kitchen for preparing meals, use the childcare room for infants and younger children, or choose to take a walk in the community.

Also, the neighborhood provides for a great meeting experience for families. The Thursday night program also has the potential for families to learn from one another, help each other build skills, share successes, and have other families to talk with for support.

The Thursday night component is not a drop-in program. To participate in the Thursday night program a family must be matched with a volunteer.

The P2C program is working with the JET team, as well as hearing from CPS units to see how we can best meet the needs of the families.

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