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Welcome Parent Advocates

Welcome Parent Advocates!

Please sign up for a shift by clicking on the Sign Up for a Shift button.
1. Check to make sure your desired date is listed.
2. Type in the desired start time, and choose the length of the shift. For example, if you want the shift to be 2pm-6pm, you would choose 2:00pm for start time and a length of 4 hours.
3. Make sure to enter your first name and last initial in the name field.
4. Click "ok".

Sadly, this calendar no longer tracks volunteer hours.  So, we need your help! During your shift, please complete a timesheet, by clicking on the link below to enter your shift hours. The first time you do this, you will need to "create an account" with your email address and a password of your choosing. After that, just continue to use the same login. Tracking volunteer hours helps keep the Parent Stressline funded and running. Thank you!

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Priority Staff:
1. Jennifer B. 608-558-6582
2. Emmy L. 608-770-9239
3. Donna F. 608-345-9501 or 608-224-0220

Helpful Info
United Way 211
Resource Manual

Forms (to complete during a shift)
Enter a Call Log
Enter Your Shift Hours

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